Rotary International was founded in Chicago Illinois by Paul Harris in 1905, and within 10 years it had spread to the British Isles. Many kinds of community service were embarked on by Rotarians which often involved the cooperation of their wives. Usually a ladies committee was set up to help on a project and then disbanded. However some groups stayed together, enjoying the friendship they had made and often initiating further service on their own account. They organised social events and speakers were invited to entertain and inform. At that time in Britain there was still a marked divide between the comfortably off and downright poor and no social or welfare services existed at all and so there was plenty of scope for voluntary work.

And consequently the first Inner Wheel Club was born on 10 January 1924, almost two decades after Rotary, thanks to the vision of Mrs Margarette Golding, the wife of the Rotarian Oliver Golding. Her visions have become reality: for 84 years the wives of Rotarians, in their own capacity and “under their own banner” have been coming together and as the “inner wheel” bringing in a greater synergy of action together with the bigger Rotary wheel. The badge which was adopted is the Rotary wheel with a small cog inside it – the inner wheel which helps the big wheel turn.

10 January is now celebrated as Inner Wheel Day around the world.

Today we have clubs, Districts, Associations and National Councils with an International body Inner Wheel (IIW) (established in 1967) at the top of the administrative pyramid. IIW Conventions have been organised since then every 3 years.

At the eleventh Convention in Stockholm in 2000 it was decided that: “An Award be created in the Name of Margarette Golding (Margarette Golding Award) for highly commendable personal service through Inner Wheel or in the community”. The award has been available since September 2001 and over 200 people have now received an MGA.

About Inner Wheel Club Ljubljana

In Slovenia the first Inner Wheel club was founded in Ljubljana in 1998. It is the sister IWC of RC Ljubljana. Currently there are 34 active members, apart from RC Ljubljana, connected also to RC Emona, RC Grosuplje and RC Ljubljana-Center.

Presidents of IWC Ljubljana

First President 1998/1999 Jožica Drese
Second President 1999/2000 Olga Cerar
Third President 2000/2001 Stanka Šinkovc
Fourth President 2001/2002 Blanka Šetinc
Fifth President 2002/2003 Dragica Papež
Sixth President 2003/2004 Ksenija Špiler Božič
Seventh President 2004/2005 Nataša Pezdirc
Eighth President 2005/2006 Nena Kopčavar Guček
Nineth President 2006/2007 Nataša Jenčič
Tenth President 2007/2008 Ana Sodnik Prah
Eleventh President 2008/2009 Nataša Bižal Plausteiner
Twelveth President 2009/2010 Simona Gradišek
Thirteenth President 2010/2011 Suzana Domijan
Fourteenth President 2011/2012 Barbara Čuček
Fifteenth President 2012/2013 Miroslava Drašler
Sixteenth President 2013/2014 Nataša Jenčič
Seventeenth President 2014/2015 Alenka Žnidarič Stresen
Eighteenth President 2015/2016 Elda Gregorič Rogelj
Nineteenth President 2016/2017 Polonca Truden Dobrin
Twenty President 2017/2018 Alenka Košorok Humar
Twenty-first President 2018/2019 Kristina Ule Flisek

In 2000 the Inner Wheel club Maribor was founded as the second IW club in Slovenia.

Both Slovene Inner Wheel clubs are active in a number of areas: care and assistance for young children, teenagers, families, the elderly, blind & low vision people, refugees and other people in need of help. We are assisting and helping with training, education, rebuilding mutual friendly relationships in troubled families, we are as well trying to extend a friendly helping hand, understanding and support to all in need. We are happy and delighted to share the great joy with the persons we have been helping when they reach their goals.